We won’t see spring here in Massachusetts for a couple of months yet. And maybe even longer, if it’s a bad winter.

But here in the house it’s a different story:

My paperwhites are in bloom!

Every time I see them I smile — not only because they make me remember the promise of spring and rebirth and renewal, but because they remind me of the day I spent in Concord with jeannineatkins last fall. Thanks for the beautiful bulbs, Jeannine.

I have another reason to smile, too: The ALA Convention pulls into town this weekend, so I’ll get to see a whole host of writer/editor/librarian friends tomorrow. Friends, free books, and writerly conversation — what’s not to love?

And speaking of friends, three cheers for Becky Levine, whose first book, The Critique Group Survival Guide, comes out today. Stop by her blog and website to learn more, enter her contest, and congratulate her!