I have a sweet toddler down with a cold this week, as well as moving kerfuffle aplenty, so this definitely qualifies as the late, late edition. But just for the record:

(1) I love it that the children’s writing community is so strong and so supportive that we can have deep-ranging conversations about the promise and perils of our work within moments of meeting each other. There were people at ALA-Boston that I hadn’t seen for years, and some that I’d only met through emails and blogging, and another whole bunch I only knew as friends of friends, but even so the sense of connection was immediate and heartwarming.

(2) If you’re going to go wandering around an ALA convention, you couldn’t ask for better company than Jeannine Atkins, Nancy Werlin, and Toni Buzzeo. Between them they knew pretty much everyone there, and I had a lovely time catching up with all three of them. And Nancy sure knows how to pick a restaurant! We went to an Italian seafood place on the harbor that had excellent crab cakes, a range of black pasta dishes, *and* truly decadent cannoli.

(3) My teeny-tiny camera took great pictures. (Yay!)

(4) Alas, the download cord for said camera has gone missing, so I can’t get the photos onto my computer. (Sigh.) Let me send you instead to , who has excellent ones.

(5) If you go to ALA for a day, be prepared to wish you could stay the whole weekend! Warmest thanks to everyone who made the hours pass so quickly. And three cheers for the amazing books, authors, and illustrators who won awards and honors from ALA and YALSA! It’s been a wonderful week for children’s books.