Butterflies in my stomach today because I have to take the “Life in the UK” test…

It used to be that if you moved to Britain and were married to a Brit, getting permanent resident status was relatively straightforward. But there are more hoops now, and this new test is one of them.

The test was introduced to make sure that immigrants like me understand the basics of UK culture and society. Not a bad idea, in theory. But in practice it all falls apart, because many questions are so arcane that many people born and bred in the UK would struggle to answer them.

In what year did British women receive the right to divorce? How many members are there in the Scottish Parliament? When is St George’s Day? Who is the patron saint of Scotland? How many hours can a 14-16 year old work before taking a rest break? And what is an AGCE?

Arrrgh!!! I need to know the answers to these questions (and many, many more) by two o’clock today, because that’s when I take the test.

Wish me luck!