Sorry to be MIA this month. Backs take a long time to heal, I am finding. And it is not wise to rush them.

But slowly I am getting better. And I’m using every good hour I get to enjoy my family and the world around us.

It’s the tail end of summer here — the last days of our last summer in the United States — and I’m trying to savor as much of it as I can: Late blueberries and luscious nectarines from the farmers’ market. The whirr and clack of cicadas high in the trees. The sharp, white sunlight, so different from the hazy (though equally beautiful) sunlight of England.

Other deep pleasures: Time spent with grandparents and cousins. Time spent with neighbors and friends. Time spent telling stories and searching for turtles and playing hide and seek.

For us, it’s been a season for looking forward and back — anticipating the move we’ll be making next year, but at the same time appreciating the here and now, and all the lovely things that will be far away this time next year.