When we were given a grape vine a few years ago, I wasn’t expecting much. Our cool and cloudy summers seemed a far cry from what grapes need. But what a great crop we’ve had this year! This is the last of our bumper harvest — sweet and tart by turns, and tasting of sunshine.


Another harvest came in last week, too — my copies of THE GREAT TOMB ROBBERY!

20190925_164049 (2)

The new book doesn’t come out until October 8th, but there’s a sneak preview on my website, where you can now read the first 2 chapters for free online!

If you like what you see, I’d be delighted if you pre-ordered the book, or asked your local library to get it.

I’m sorry I can’t share the grapes with you, too. When I’m eating them, it feels like summer is still here. Outside, however, I can see the first leaves turning, and the last apples are almost ready to pick. Fall is on its way.  Soon I’ll be wrapping up in capes to keep warm as I write.

For now, though, I’m just enjoying the turn of the season.