Congratulations to my friends who did NaNo this year! Whatever your final word count, you deserve a medal for taking the leap and pouring so much time and heart into your stories. I hope you can rest up now — and catch up on whatever you’ve missed most.

My own November was the opposite of NaNo, so I have no great leaps or impressive word counts of my own to brag about. But I’ve been doing steady work on several different projects that tug at my heart, and I’m looking forward to doing more of the same this month.

I also have some RA THE MIGHTY thank-yous and news to share:

First, a big thank-you to Allison at Allison’s Book Bag for a fantastic review of RA THE MIGHTY! Allison’s blog is a terrific resource for anyone who loves children’s books, and I’m honored that she enjoyed spending time with my Great Detectives.

I also want to thank another champion of children’s books, @mrsreadforfun (Shendel Haimes), for featuring RA THE MIGHTY in her terrific book trailer.

And now for the fun RA news:

  • RA THE MIGHTY will be published in Russia! The publisher Eksmo has bought the rights to the book and its sequel.
  • The sequel has a name… RA THE MIGHTY: THE GREAT TOMB ROBBERY. As you can guess from the title, our Great Detectives are up against a dastardly thief who is robbing the sacred (and spooky) tombs of the Pharaohs. Out in Fall 2019, it features sneaky jackals,  fabulous treasure, spine-tingling suspense, and more cat snacks than you can twitch your tail at! I hope to share the cover soon.