My April has been full of comings and goings.  Some visitors were the usual spring suspects: daffodils, fritillaries, school holidays, rainy days, Easter chocolate, and jellybeans. Others were special guests: friends and family who came to see spring in our part of the world. Overall, it’s been a month of fun and music and good conversation and hard work — and even some sunshine, now and again. (Did I mention it’s been a very rainy spring? Record-setting, in fact.)

On the writing front, there have been lots of arrivals and departures, too.  Earlier this month, I was thrilled to get an ARC (Advanced Ready Copy) of RA THE MIGHTY.

Here it is, in all its glory:


Isn’t it beautiful?!

On the departure side, I’m happy to report that RA #2 has left the building. I had a lot of fun (plus only a few plot headaches) while I was writing this next installment of Ra and Khepri’s adventures. It’s exciting to know that it should appear as an Actual Book in Fall 2019.

Now I’m taking a little time off to catch up on reading… and spring. And then, once I’m rested, I’ll be diving into more writing.