Almost six months without blogging! I’m pretty sure that’s a new record for me. But they were a tough six months, starting with a terrifying night in A&E in November (complete with my first-ever ambulance ride) and culminating in surgery in March, followed by complications, then flu, and finally pneumonia.

It’s been a long, hard trudge, and it’s not over yet.  Thankfully, however, I seem to have turned a corner this week, and at last the road looks a little easier. (Excuse me while I go find some wood to knock on.  With crossed fingers.  And maybe a little salt thrown over my shoulder.)

I’m doubly glad to be on the mend since this is the week that the wonderful bloggers from the Fantastic Flying Book Club are hosting a blog tour for Chantress Fury.  We have interviews for you and excerpts and reviews galore — and a giveaway, too! You can see if your Top Ten Sea Monsters match mine, and discover what 300-year-old book inspired Chantress. You’ll also find out what I think of the new covers, learn a few of my quirks, and get a hint about what’s coming up next.

The giveaway is a double feature, with TWO finished hardbacks of the book on offer! The first one, from Simon & Schuster, will go to a resident of the US.  The other one is open to anyone in the world.  Winners will be announced on Chantress Fury’s official publication day: May 19th.

You can find the giveaway entry at every tour stop. The complete tour schedule is here!