Behold what DHL delivered!

IMG-20131202-01983Chantress Alchemy is my fourth book, so you’d think I’d be used to this by now.  But my heart still started pounding when I opened up the box and saw these ARCs.

My first thought:

Someone could be reading my book right now – how wonderful! 

Closely followed by:

Someone could be reading my book right now – how terrifying!

I once read a story about a little girl who was walking to a party and felt butterflies in her stomach.  She asked her dad what that feeling was called.  “Anxiety,” he said, so that’s what she called it, too.  It was only when she was much older that she realized the feeling she was really trying to describe that day was anticipation.

I always feel both anticipation and anxiety when a new book goes out.  But I’m very proud of this one – and excited, too.

There are limited ARCs and e-galleys available, but there’s an international giveaway for a signed ARC on Goodreads that everyone can enter.

Reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and bloggers can request a review copy using this form.  You also may be able to get an e-galley through Edelweiss.  I wish I could guarantee a review copy to everyone who wants one, but Simon & Schuster makes the final call.

The actual hardcover book – which, unlike the ARCs, will have a glossy, glimmering cover – comes out on May 6, 2014!