Chantress‘s official publication day is tomorrow! And I hear that it’s already showing up in stores.*** WOW! and YIKES! and YAAAAAAAYYYY!

This week Simon & Schuster is going to be celebrating the book’s debut by allowing people to read it online for a few days on their PulseIt site. More details on that when I have them! [ETA: Until May 12th, you can sign up with Simon PulseIt to read Chantress for free online!

In the meantime I’ve blogged over on the S&S site about my inspiration for the book (including a few revelations from high school):

What inspired me to write Chantress? The remarkable ravens at the Tower of London played a role, and so did my love for romantic adventure and my fascination with English history. But I was also inspired by what might be the most unromantic place on the planet: my high school cafeteria…

For more, click here!

***It looks like Chantress will even be stocked in some Barnes and Nobles stores, despite the ongoing (and horribly distressing) dispute between B&N and S&S that Stephanie Burgis blogged about so eloquently. But as long as the dispute lasts, it will (like other S&S books) only be stocked in small numbers at best, and I’ve heard they won’t reorder — so if you want a B&N copy, hurry over! Or find yourself a wonderful indie and get it there. And please consider ordering yourself a copy of Stephanie’s Renegade Magic, too, while you’re at it — it’s such a delicious treat of a book!