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It’s been one of the wettest Aprils in English history – the soggiest in over a century. But at least I can attest to the truth of that old saying: April showers really do bring May flowers.

Our family missed some of the sogginess because we spent much of April traveling in America, where it was so hot I had to go shopping for sundresses. As always, it was wonderful to see friends and family. I even zipped down to New York to meet my editor and agent face-to-face for the first time, which was great fun. But the super-busy busy schedule had our whole family pretty tired by the end… and then I got food poisoning. So lesson learned: The next trip will be shorter and slower-paced. (Dear friends, if I don’t get to see you next time, it isn’t because I don’t miss you! Write a letter, give me a call – we’ll find other ways to bridge the distance.)

My suitcases are unpacked now, and it’s a joy to be home. And those May flowers are one reason why:

My Snake’s Head Fritillaries, aka Checkered Daffodils, Chess Flowers, Frog-cups, Guinea-hen Flowers, Leper Lilies, Lazarus Bells, and Checkered Lilies. They love all the rain we’ve been getting

The Angelique tulips were just coming into bloom when I came home

This clematis brightens our kitchen sink window.

Even the greenery is radiant.

Daffodils in the neighborhood

I’ve been a little mad about daffodils this year, I confess… but truly, how could anyone resist these?

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, where it was too chilly on May 1st for most flowers to bloom, so the bounty here is a continual astonishment and delight to me. Of course the weeds grow, too – I started hoeing them down yesterday – but I’ll happily pay that price for flowers like these.

Happy May, everyone!