Glory be! I am done with this revision. Must go bake myself a pie, and say a few prayers of thankfulness over it.

My but it’s been a long, long haul. I’ve done more drafts of this book than I care to think about. But this is the one where voice and plot and character finally came together, and I came out with something that truly lived and breathed for me. The ending even makes me cry. (Though that could have something to do with all the cough syrup and sudafed I’m on…)

I have some odds and ends to tend to before I send the manuscript out to readers. And no doubt I’ll have lots more to do after I get their comments. But this is a big day. A good day. And a grateful one.

Any other November scribblers getting close to end (or the brink)? Let me know, so I can cheer you on!