It’s been a busy couple of weeks, made more complicated by a bad cold and back strain, but I have a lot to be grateful for, too.

(1) I was granted UK permanent residency last week. It was a nerve-wracking appointment, not least because we needed to bring Sweetpea to the Immigration Center with us, but she charmed everyone’s socks off and I now have a shiny new page in my passport (with a truly dreadful picture on it, but then I’ve yet to have a passport photo that wasn’t).

(2) I’m making steady progress on the WIP. Maybe 85% of the way through?

(3) I’ve managed to drive our family car on a British motorway. Think interstate highway, only left-handed: Yikes!

(4) I’ve discovered sticky toffee pudding, a divine British delicacy that has inexplicably escaped me until now. Last Saturday night, David and I sat in a cozy corner of an 18th-century pub and lapped this right up (oh, dark crumbly cake! oh, melting pool of butterscotch!). Warmest thanks to my mum-in-law, who offered to babysit.

(5) I’ve just bought myself this:

85% cocoa! And Fairtrade, too, which makes me happy. I’m thinking this bar might just work some magic of its own, and power me through the rest of the Enchantment book.