Dare to be bad for fifteen minutes a day — that’s what I’ve pledged to do this summer. Which means fifteen minutes a day of work on the WIP, no matter how badly it goes

I’ve been good about being bad for three days now, despite many distractions. This weekend, our town held its annual carnival, complete with parade, candy floss, and a carousel with double-decker buses flashing pink and blue lights.

It was the first time Sweetpea was actually in a parade, and she danced for joy when we put on her costume. (She was part of a company of 14th-century knights, and a sweeter little pillowcase knight you’ve never seen.) She was even happier when she discovered that the parade was being led by a camel.

A camel… really and truly

But even camels in the streets cannot distract me from my duty. This weekend I put in more than four hours on the WIP, well over my fifteen minutes per day target. Funny how hard it can be to begin writing… and yet how hard it is to stop once I start.

How about you? How are your own summer writing plans and pledges going? I’d love to hear.