Okay. I’ve been slow to see this, but I think I’m finally starting to get it. Writing time isn’t going to magically appear this summer. Not with a new house to kit out and organize, and a toddler to look after, and reader mail to answer, and immigration papers that need to be filled out and filed.

If I want time for writing, I’m going to have to be very determined about taking it. And I’m going to have to accept that it’s going to be small and piecemeal and very far from perfect.

And (this is the hard part) I’m going to have to accept that the work that I can do during that time is going to be very far from perfect, too.

I think that’s the biggest thing stopping me — the fear of being really, really bad. So bad that I blush to contemplate it. But the only way I can write is if I’m willing to be awful some of the time.

Dare to be bad: That’s my motto for this summer. Dare to be bad for fifteen minutes a day.

So there. I’ve just gotten the WIP folder out of the filing cabinet. That’s today’s work: To open the file and work for 15 minutes.

If anyone wants to join me, I’d love your company!