Photo by Ian Britton,

We’ve reached the point where it feels like our lives have become The Move, and nothing but The Move. My husband and I look at each other some nights — over the umpteenth box of files, or across the dim reaches of our much too vast cellar, or while pushing yet another piece of furniture to the door for a friend who wants or needs it — and say, “Could this possibly be worth it?”

But there are some benefits, even now, to such a big move. And one of them is that I’m forced to confront all those luxuries I’ve been saving for a rainy day: The linen tablecloth I put away for the right occasion, the china bowls stowed for safekeeping, the velvet jacket that I hardly wore for fear of spoiling it.

Such a waste!

But no more. These days we are burning the candle at both ends — quite literally. I have some floating candles that David gave me years ago, saved in a basket for some special, yet-to-be-determined day. This weekend I finally realized the special day is now. And so we lit them at dinner and floated them in a glass bowl… and Sweetpea’s eyes sparkled, and we talked about light and dark and water and fire and why some things sink and some things float.

I’ll remember it always.

So here’s to burning the candle at both ends. Wear the velvet, lay out that tablecloth, eat your breakfast from those precious china bowls.

The special day is now.