Last week I lost an entire chapter. Just one, but it was a hard-fought chapter, a pivotal one that I’d written pretty much from scratch. I made a mistake during the backup, and both copies vanished.

It’s been a while since I lost a file, so I guess I was due. And one lost chapter is very small beer in the big scheme of things, I know. But that particular chapter had already cost me a lot.

So I cried.

No, let’s be frank: I sobbed.

And then I picked myself up and started over again.

David, bless him, offered to care for Sweetpea for a couple of extra hours so I could try and pick up the pieces.

It was hard, hard work. An exact reconstruction was out of the question because there was so much I couldn’t remember, so in the end I just winged it. And something magic happened: The chapter came together fast, and it has an extra spark and fire that wasn’t there before.

But the best magic of all came from Sweetpea. She knew that I was sad, and she made me a card, all by herself (though she asked her dad how to spell the first two words):


Does it get any sweeter than that?