Hot turkey, cold turkey, turkey-turnip-barley soup, turkey sauteed with pecans and ginger wine — we’ve eaten turkey in all its varied forms for six whole days. And mostly enjoyed it. But I’m thankful we’ll be moving on to new horizons tomorrow: Pasta with asparagus and cherry tomatoes is on the menu, without an ounce of turkey in sight.

To balance out all that eating, I’ve been taking plenty of walks. The wooded hill by my house is a different world once the leaves have blown away. I see the bones of the place now: granite ridges, half-hidden rivulets, mossy stone walls that wind between the bare trees. It’s a much starker beauty than summer, but it fills me up all the same.

The bones of my book are becoming clearer, too. For that I give credit to the inspiring energy of friends and JoNoWriMo, plus oodles of physical therapy and a dose of sheer bullheaded persistence. Yesterday, I reached 26,000 words — about 1/3 of the way through.

Not sure yet whether I can finish this draft before we move, but I feel encouraged. December’s such a busy time, but here’s hoping I’ll be past the halfway point by the month’s end.

Here’s my lucky mascot. (We caught her in mid-air.)

What about you? What do you hope to finish before the year is out?