All together now, to the tune of Drunken Sailor:

What d’you do with a giant turkey,
What d’you do with a giant turkey,
What d’you do with a giant turkey,
When your guests have H1N1?

Only half of our guests are well enough to come. We will be eating turkey till Christmas, I think.

And maybe beyond.

On a brighter note, I’m sending this bouquet to the wonderful jeannineatkins:

Usually when I share tea with Jeannine, it’s a virtual feast. But last week I was lucky enough to meet her in Concord, Massachusetts, and this time the tea was for real (a lavender concoction for her, green ginger for me).

Jeannine has a poet’s gift for the telling detail and the precise word, and I don’t think I could surpass her description of the day if I tried. But I loved every minute of that scrumptious outing, from the walk to Old North Bridge to shared Alcott gossip to the quiet scribbling of new words on old pages in the back of a Concord cafe.

I’d never have met Jeannine if it weren’t for LJ. And with that in mind, this week I’m saying a heartfelt “Thank you” for this forum and the many lovely people on it. Whether I’ve met you in person, or whether our teatables have all been virtual, I’m grateful for your company and wisdom and humor. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

And if you need any Turkey Day leftovers, you know where to stop by.