I’m deep in revision right now, which for me is usually a good place to be. Some people love the first draft, but I’m a reviser at heart.

There’s another member of our household who’s become a fan of revision recently: two-year-old Sweetpea.

Most nights Sweetpea gets to have what she calls “sump’n special” after dinner. Often there’s a choice, and on the night in question, she chose a cookie. Which made her very happy, until she finished it and saw me open the freezer.

“I need sump’n from the freezer,” Sweetpea announces.

I have a pretty good idea of what she’s after — she’s recently discovered the delights of ice cream sandwiches — but I gently explain that she’s already had her dessert: the cookie.

Sweetpea looks dismayed, but a moment later a solution occurs to her. With imploring eyes, she points to her tummy: “Take the cookie out!”

Toddler she may be, but I’d say she’s got the concept of revision down pat.