I hit Chapter 32 on this revision of mine earlier this week. Reason to celebrate… except that something was telling me I made a Wrong Turn somewhere. Quite possibly at the very beginning of the book. Which is not a good thing to feel at any time, let alone north of the 3/4 mark.

I had a few vague hunches about what was wrong. But darned if I could pinpoint the problem, let alone fix it.

I still wouldn’t have a clue if it hadn’t been for my brilliant and long-suffering husband. With the patience of a whole bevy of saints, he listened to my worries and offered a series of off-the-wall suggestions — all of them unsuitable and impossible. Except that one of them wasn’t. It spun around in my mind, and started a cascade of questions… and suddenly it became blindingly obvious where the Wrong Turn was and how to right it.

Alas, it *is* at the beginning. And that means another full round of revision. I’m caught between excitement about the new idea and weariness at the thought of still more slogging. But at this point I’m not inclined to look a gift inspiration in the mouth.