I had to laugh when I read moyer-girl‘s post on writer’s insomnia. I’m at a different place in my WIP — deep revision, not early brainstorming — but the sleep issues are similar. Right now I’m working every last moment I can, and most of the time I’m loving it. Sometimes the writing just flows, and when it does it’s heaven to go with it.

But sleep? That’s the downside. My mind is eager to get on with things even when I’m too groggy for coherent thought.

So it’s wild dream time.

It’s happened before: I remember when I was finishing A Perfect Red, and my dreams were full of enormous silken banners of scarlet and crimson. This time they’re all about caves and singing and flight….

I’m looking forward to quieter nights when the book is done. But it’s a heady experience to have a story run so deep.