Just back from a mad dash to England… to buy a house!

A move to England has been in the works for a while, but there were so many hitches we thought it might never amount to anything, and I didn’t want to say anything till we were sure. And then, suddenly, everything came together, and whoomph! My husband has a job transfer in the works, and we have a house in England.

An international move is a complicated thing (to say nothing of an international move with a toddler), so it will be some months before we’re in the UK for good. But we’ve crossed our Rubicon.

I have some trepidation about moving so far away, to be sure. It’s been more than a decade since we last lived in England, and much as I love David’s family, I know I will miss my own family and friends quite terribly.

But we’re excited to have finally embarked on this adventure, even if last week wasn’t exactly a romantic idyll. The house is a modern one, but it needs repairs (rot in one of the windows, leaks in the upstairs plumbing), and once the key was ours, we spent our days ripping out carpets and going to lumberyards and meeting with plumbers and gasmen and builders.

But I could hear birdsong coming through the windows of the new house all day long, and the faint ringing of church bells reached us on the breeze. In the long evenings, we walked down stone streets warmed by late sunlight, past gardens high with hollyhocks and baskets spilling over with blue lobelia. I’ve also found several house nooks that look perfect for writing… as well as several tempting tea shops in town. All of which put worries about plumbing into perspective.