I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between Facebook and LiveJournal this week. They both have their strengths, but I’m so glad that I started out with LJ first. Fun as it is to connect with old friends by dashing off a line or two, I love the longer posts I find here. The writerly community on LJ warms my heart, and your words are a constant source of inspiration for me.

I never thought I’d be a blogger, but LJ reeled me in, and here I am, nine months later, asking myself: What is it about blogging that makes me so happy?

Well, that wonderful sense of community is a big part of the answer. But there’s something else, too, something that came up in conversation with a dear writer friend of mine last week.

Once when I was in a deep, dark hole in my life, and fearful that I’d never find my way back to anything good, another kind friend who had been in her own dark places said this to me: “You take one moment, one good moment, and you hold it up to the light. And then another one comes, just a brief moment, but you put it next to the other one, and you string those two beads together. And after a while — sometimes after a very long time — you start to see that you have a necklace there.”

For me, this is what blogging is like. It’s a way of holding certain moments and memories up to the light, and keeping them close. And after a while, you look back, and you can see you have a string of pearls.