Just a quick note to say I’m safe home — and so deeply grateful for the wishes of faith and strength and hope that you all have offered me. Surgery was more complicated than expected, but I still got to come home that night, so that was a relief.

That said, I waited to fire up the computer till I’d had some rest and was (mostly) weaned off the serious painkillers. I may be bold enough to blog, but I’m not bold enough to blog while taking Percocet!

Anyway, I’m glad and grateful to be back. Glad and grateful, too, for the friends and family who have helped buoy me up this month — and for a wonderful novel that made the time in the hospital pass more quickly: Funny How Things Change by melissawyatt.

I can’t praise it enough. It was true and beautiful, and it held me completely. For a few hours I was lost (in the best possible way) in West Virginia. And again and again it made me remember my own growing-up time in a mountain town.