Half a phrase, half a phrase,
Half a phrase onward,
Into the valley of Revision
Rode the lone writer….

Distractions to right of her
Distractions to left of her…

(***with apologies to Tennyson)

All this week I have been trying to find an hour to work on my WIP. Usually I’ll take ten minutes if that’s all I have. But when I’ve been away from my work for a month, I find ten minutes doesn’t really cut it. There’s time enough only to say, “Who *are* these people? And what on earth is this novel about?” and then — whump! — my time’s up and I’m out on my ear.

I was sure I’d be able to find an hour yesterday, but all things computer, financial, and medical conspired against me. And today didn’t look very promising, either. But through sheer desperation, I commandeered an hour. All I accomplished was some dialogue revision in the chapter I was working on last month. But heavens! it felt good to be with my characters again.

What are your best tricks for getting back into a WIP in mid-stream? I’d love to know!