A friend of mine from college threw a chocolate party last weekend. Picture a table laden with a dozen different dark chocolates, labeled and broken into nibblish pieces. And another table with two different kinds of chocolate cake, a selection of chocolate drinks, and the best brownies I’ve ever eaten. And surrounding those tables? Lots and lots of happy people!

Forget the colored pens, the mood music, the special paper, the candles and incense: For me there’s nothing like chocolate to summon up the Muse.

My current dru chocolate of choice is Chocolove Organic 73%. Thankfully two squares is usually enough to make me a happy woman.

I know that I can write without chocolate. I’ve done entire drafts that way, just to prove I can. But the older I get, the less inclined I am to be puritanical: If a little chocolate makes me so happy, why not indulge?