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Ten hours a week may not be much, but I’m trying to make use of every last minute. Naptime? Scribble, type, type, type. An offer of an hour’s break from my husband? Scribble, type, type, type. A quiet moment when Sweetpea is doing puzzles and doesn’t want help? Scribble, scribble, scribble.

I’ve covered almost 5,000 words so far, though I’m not entirely through with them yet. Not terribly quick progress, I know but these were chapters that needed major changes throughout — the wholesale ditching of some parts, construction from scratch of others, and drastic modifications to the rest. So I’m actually quite happy about the progress I’ve made.

I wish that I could write after P has gone to bed, but every time I try this my mind runs riot and I can’t sleep that night. And without sleep I crash the next day. But this week I’ll have some sitter time to write, so I should be able to break the ten-hour barrier without crossing into insomniac territory.

If I don’t run out of steam, that is!