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Realized this weekend that I could outline and fill out plotting worksheets forever, but I think I’ve gotten as much good as I can from that approach by now. It’s time for me to plunge back into writing again. At this point I think I’m only going to have a handful of hours free for writing for the foreseeable future (maybe 10 or so in a good week, less in a bad one). But a handful is better than none, and I want to make use of what time I’ve got.

So I’m about to start this rewrite. Scared as anything, but I have a gorgeous iris blooming on my desk, and the sun is shining, and it’s time to begin.

I’ll start with a fresh file, though I’m not above importing text as and when I need it, to save my hands. (If the hands weren’t an issue, I’d just re-type, but they are, and that’s that.)

And as I go, I’ll keep these wonderful words from Antonio Machado close at hand, as I always do when I need courage:

Traveler, there is no path.
The path is made by walking.