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1. Plenty of kerfuffle this week, but fewer icy patches. Fingers crossed, but things are looking less dire. Now I just need to find the energy to make good use of what writing time I’ve got.

2. I went ahead last night and signed up for the NESCBWI Conference in April. This will be the first conference I’ve been to since P was born. Despite David’s encouragement, I’m still not sure whether I’m ready to stay overnight, but oh, how I’m looking forward to it all — seeing good friends that I haven’t seen in years, making new friends that I don’t yet know, and above all to spending a weekend immersed in WRITING.

3. After weeks of being buried in snow, my rosemary bush has emerged with its fragrant needles intact. I just ducked out for a snippet — heavenly! I’m used to thinking of rosemary as a frail flower in these northern climes, but this particular plant seems to be tough as old winter boots.

4. You’d think with all shake-ups in publishing right now I’d be fairly shock-proof, but the news this week that Harper was closing Bowen Press stunned me. What a loss! And before they’d even had a chance to launch their first list…

5. On a happier note, the fabulous Sue Williams, who writes wonderfully about writing (and much else), has a great blog entry about messy drafts this week. If you’re feeling discouraged about your own drafts (and even if you aren’t), I recommend reading it!