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Two weeks into the new year, and only now am I posting about resolutions. I hope this isn’t A Sign of Things to Come.

Back around New Year’s Day, I’d been thinking that my writerly goal for the year would be to complete a second draft of my WIP, a draft that was good enough to send out to first readers.

And then came the computer crash. And the round of evil viruses that knocked our family flat. And the unexpected visitors and various other wrenches in the works that I won’t even try to go into here.

Under the circumstances it’s hard to make resolutions with any kind of confidence. I feel like I go where the winds blow me. Still, I guess it helps to have some kind of rudder. So here (much belated) are my resolutions for the year to come:

(1) Stay open to new things (in writing and in life)
(2) Keep listening to instincts (ditto)
(3) Live in the present as much as possible (ditto)
(4) Spend at least 15 minutes/day on revision/writing whenever circumstances allow
(5) Experiment with new revision (and re-visioning) techniques

There. Late this list may be, and rather quirky, but that’s what I’m setting to sea with.