I think my move from my first trial-and-error blog is just about done.

For the record, I started keeping a blog in September to see if I liked it. And to be honest I didn’t think I would. Inveterate journal-keeper I may be, but I do hold my privacy dear. But a couple of friends made me re-think my position, and so I decided to give blogging a try. On the quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I told no one except my husband.

Who knew? Blogging turned out to be a pleasure. And a very good kind of pleasure at that: one that makes me look deeper than I did before.

So here I am, for real this time. And I’ve brought most of the trial-and-error entries with me, barring a couple of initial throat-clearings that I’d just as soon put behind me.

Will I embarass myself here? No doubt I will. Normally I revise and revise and revise before I let anything out into the world. Composing on the fly here has been a huge challenge for me.

But fun. Enormous fun.